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Meet Brinker + Eliza

Brinker and Eliza Higgins are a mother/daughter duo who have been making things together for years: patched up denim jackets, charm-covered barrettes, earrings, necklaces, bedazzled ski race helmets (…it was the early 2000s).

Brinker, a trained metalsmith, designed her own line of jewelry for a decade. Eliza worked in fashion merchandising for nine years. During this time, the pair made one-off pieces for friends and family as a hobby. In 2017, they added a plus sign between their names and set Brinker + Eliza live to the world.

Our Philosophy

Made by hand, with love

We’re a mother/daughter team with a history of making things together. Now, we are also a mother/daughter-run company, there isn’t a piece that gets shipped out that we don’t touch. We love and honor that ‘slow fashion’ is at the core of our DNA as a brand.

More is more

We design for people who love to play dress-up, who ignore the “take one thing off before you leave the house rule.” If you’re someone who puts jewelry on to run errands “because why not,” we’re right there with you. 

It's all in the details

We are *details* people, always have been. The smaller details of a piece – like a heart charm on the end of a necklace or a spacer bead that adds a hint of sparkle – are often what make us love it the most.

Today, Brinker + Eliza jewelry is made by hand in the Higgins’ hometown Connecticut studio. Their hope is that, when someone wears a Brinker + Eliza piece, it feels like it was designed especially for them. When they’re not drilling holes into shells and wrapping tissue around baroque pearls, the two are likely to be found hunting for sea glass or skiing (sans sparkly helmets, unfortunately), depending on the season.